THE WYE VALLEY ARTS CENTRE is pleased to announce the launch of a new charity KIDZART where children from disadvantaged and troubled backgrounds will be able to work with skilled tutors to make problem solving an exciting fun and transforming experience.  The proceeds from our first exhibition held in August 2012 were donated to start the charitable fund and we now have the website through which you will be able to be informed and involved.  There will also be works of art for sale and again the proceeds will be donated to the charitable fund.


KIDZART will be able to offer young children ( prior to secondary education ) a hands-on, creative experience over a whole weekend to explore different mediums. The aim is for these children to have fun with art, learn new skills, feel inspired, shed old limiting beliefs and develop self confidence in an encouraging and supportive atmosphere at The Wye Valley Arts Centre. There will be a number of 3 day courses scheduled throughout the year and the children and their carers will be staying overnight at Camp  Hillcrest  St. Briavels .


Such are the demands on school timetables that art is often relegated to a minor role but a whole 3 days with KIDZART gives children a real opportunity to discover and develop self expression, problem solving skills and of course enjoyment through these visits. With Art there are no wrong directions so there can be no mistakes. Each child will also receive, at the end of their stay, an arts pack to encourage them to continue enjoying and expressing themselves through art.


If you would like to help by making a donation please do so and give your details to us so we can keep you informed of our activities. Our courses at The Wye Valley Arts Centre will also contribute to the charity,

Please visit