An Introduction to Digital Photography


10 Sessions 

2nd Saturday of each month

10am – 12.30pm


David Broadbent is a professional photographer based in The Forest of Dean with over 30 years of editorial experience.


Course structure: 2015/2016

2nd Saturday of each month 10am – 12.30pm 


Sat 5 Sep 2015                     Sat 10 Oct


Sat 14 Nov                               Sat 12 Dec


Sat 9 Jan 2016                     Sat 13 Feb


Sat 12 Mar                                Sat 9 Apr


Sat 14 May                               Sat 11 June




Course structure:

    During the course, which will concentrate on the creative elements of photography, David will be teaching those necessary technical aspects of photography that make an individual photograph a success. If you are regularly disappointed with your results, can't pluck up the courage to get off full auto, don't know your f stop from you ISO or you are hoping to develop the skills you already have then this is the course for you. It's fun and jargon busting with a definite slant to the creative. David will walk you through making the most of your digital camera, seeing the picture, understanding the settings, making fine adjustments to your camera's automation, using lenses, manipulating light, both natural and artificial and storing, manipulating and presenting your pictures. New comers are more than welcome and the course benefits from a lively and active group willing to share their own ideas.




This course is a full cost course and receives no       subsidy and the cost for 10 classes is £160               payable in advance. There is a maximum of 10         students on the course so everyone will receive         all the attention he or she needs.